Unable to Manage HP Printer and Scanner Setting

Hp printers and scanners are the best with their top quality features and advanced technology. It is not possible that you never encounter any error with your HP printer. If ever you face any issues with the HP printer or scanning features, get the best support for HP printer at HP technical support Number.

Following are some of the common issues that can arise with the printer and scanner settings:

  • You are not able to set up a connection with the scanning device.
  • The computer is not detecting your scanning or printing device.
  • You are not able to establish a connection between the scanner and the computer.
  • The scanning or printing feature has stopped printing.
  • The printer is printing too many pages at a time.
  • The printer has stopped printing.
  • Frequent paper jams.
  • Printing or scanning quality has decreased over time.

In order to get over such issues and get back the original printing and scanning quality, you can apply the given steps for troubleshooting:

  • The first thing you can do is to restart your computer and printer. Try establishing a fresh connection.
  1.        Switch off the printer.
  2.        Shut down the computer as well after closing all the running programs.
  3.        After some time, turn on both the printer and the computer.
  4.      Make sure you have the accurate HP software installed for your printer and scanner. If not, you can download it by using your printer name and model at the official website.
  5.     Again try to scan a document.

  • Check the printer connected with the network. If you are using a wired connection, make sure the printer is properly connected to the cables. However, for a wireless connection, get the printer connected to the wireless network available. If the network signal strength is low, move the computer and the printer nearer to the wireless router.
  • Uninstall all the printer software or driver completely without disconnecting the printer from the network. From the control panel, you can easily uninstall the required software and printing device. Then after un-installation, restart your computer.
  • From the HP software and drivers download page, download the latest driver or software for your printer. You can choose the required software after choosing the printer name and the operating system in use.
  • Check the settings of the Windows Image Acquisition which is required to maintain the communication between the computer and the scanner. After re-adjusting the settings, try to scan.
  • To detect the issue, disable the firewall you have installed in your system or make the necessary changes in the settings of the antivirus or firewall you are using. This can solve the printing or scanning issue and you can test a document.
The printing and scanning issues can be easily solved by following the given tips. However, sometimes you will require the involvement of a technical person when there are complicated issues. For any kind of support for your HP printing and scanning device, you can contact us at Hp printer support number.


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